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Company Owners
Secure investing with more business opportunities!

Is this for me?

Being a company owner is a challenge in its self, let alone needing to find the right talent to continue to be successful. With Powered by OB we bring together young entrepreneurs and students of only the highest university degrees to be quality candidates for your business needs. Personal collaboration and assistance is always available for whatever new ideas and directions you may have.  

How can an account be positive for my business?

At Powered by OB, you're given the opportunity to develop your business profile page in order to showcase your company. Getting involved in the "Business Members" area you are able to interact with our entrepreneurs and superior graduates in the Powered by OB platform. Collaborate with other companies, secure new talents to grow your business, or gain partnerships in other parts of the world. The opportunities are endless, and as others in our network are able to see your works they are more likely to support your products and service growth when in need of what you offer. Additionally, your private account is also includes easy to use forms for withdraws of your available funds, assistance, enjoy the benefits of access to any public and private events that involves a Powered by OB project.

How do I qualify?

Company owners are needed for the initial meeting to open an account. Every enterprise is required to invest a minimum of 500,000/+ with a 2-5 year contract on investment. 

What happens with my investment?

In your initial meeting with your Powered by OB collaborator, you will be given an overview of all investment options and have the choice of what your money will fund. Yearly you will receive a 4% ROI, and a complete payout with your yearly interest rate on contract end. 


* On all investments a 2-5 year contract is required. 

*This plan does not guarantee working partnerships.

*Taxes on your yearly 4% ROI are the responsibility of every individual in their country of residence. 

Contact Us To Set a Meeting 

Thank you for your interest in Powered by OB.

We will contact you by email within 24 hours. 

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