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Young Entrepreneurs
University Graduates 

This investment plan is designed to help younger talents grow!

Is this for me?

Our world is continually changing and opportunities are everywhere, but you need the right connections to show your talent and potential in the front line of business. 

How can an account help me?

At Powered by OB, you're given first hand collaboration and assistance to grow and showcase your abilities or projects. Getting involved in the "Business Members" area you are also able to interact with company owners in the Powered by OB platform that you never had the way to connect with before.
Employment opportunities are endless if you have what someone is looking for and Powered by OB is connected with multiple francises always looking for the best talent along with our own companies and investment projects; who isn't searching for top talent. 
Young business owners that showcase a profile, larger companies and others in the network are able to see your works and are more likely to support your products, service growth, or offer a partnership.
Other benefits of your personal account include easy to use forms for withdraws of your available funds, assistance, enjoy the benefits of access to any public and private events that involves a Powered by OB project.

How do I qualify and what happens with my investment?

If you're 35 or under, own a business, or are a high honours university graduate this plan is right for you. 
A minimum investment of 10,000/+ is required along with a brief description about your business, or the submission of your university transcripts.
An interview process and review of provided documentation is conducted to gain access into this program.
Upon acceptance into Powered by OB, you will be given an overview of all investment options and have the choice of what your money will fund. Yearly you will receive a 4% ROI, and a complete pay out with your yearly interest rate on contract end. 


* On all investments a 2-5 year contract is required.

*Investors of 50,000 and under are able to terminate their contract and account at anytime renouncing to their yearly 4% ROI.

*After a termination request is made Powered by OB will release all invested funds on the 30th day following the request. 

*University students that are contracted by Powered by OB or another company inside our network will then transfer into the Traditional Investors plan. 

*This platform does not guarantee job placement or partnership agreements.

*Taxes on your yearly 4% ROI are the responsibility of every individual in their country of residence. 

Contact Us To Set an Interview

Thank you for your interest in Powered by OB. We will contact you by email within 24 hours.

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